I invite you to join me in a conversation about your health and well being.

Together we will Distill, Prioritize and Identify your current health concerns. We will peel the onion to reveal your highest aspiration for your personal well being.

My practical and stress-free approach creates clarity for each unique individual. I strongly believe your “consumption choices”, whether it be food, career, relationship, physical activity or spiritual practice… all contribute equally to your well being. Through observing your patterns and habits, we work together and introduce lifestyle choices that will gently support positive everlasting change. My programs are designed to transform your health concerns into great life accomplishments.

  • Custom Designed Program for 3 to 6 months
  • Guidance and Accountability Coaching  bi-monthly sessions
  • Distill, Prioritize, Identify your primary health concerns and  attainable goals
  • Education and Tools are provided to direct, implement and support you in achieving your goals.

My mother gifted me with the knowledge, that whatever you choose, choose quality.  Food is culture. Food radiates from the plate to the hearts with whom you share your table, gathers community and has the power to sustain true health.

Please contact me, It would be my honor to work with you!



Jane Freedman, Certified Integrative Nutrition
(831) 566-2604