Maia B. UC Professor, Mama of 2 kind children, avid knitter and lover of the culinary arts

I was floating. I didn’t know where to start but I knew I needed things to get better. I wanted to cultivate wonder in life and to be present in my body and all that I was doing at home and work. Jane offered advice that I can only characterize as simultaneously grounded and higher-level in perspective. Talking to Jane felt like hearing truth from the roots of the earth and from a birds’ eye perspective.

Her advice ranged from conceptual (“You’re in a long term relationship. . . with yourself.”) to mundane (“Drink more water”) and each piece of advice was what I needed, big or small. We worked together each week for 3 months, and after breathing, meditating, setting doable goals, celebrating myself more than I was, doing yoga (and yes, drinking more water!), I feel like I have better tools for taking care of myself. I’m on the right path. Thank you for your encouragement, friendship, and wisdom, Jane.

AE Mother, Career/ Full Time and Artist

Working with Jane on a 6-month program is transformative.

She was flexible to adapt her work to what I was wanting to focus on while guiding me through a transitional time. Jane’s knowledge and commitment to the mind body connection was easy to follow and adopt into my own life.

Being held accountable by Jane was just what I needed to move forward with some things in my life. Her dedication, humor, straight talk, love and compassion kept me motivated and I was always thrilled to report my progress to her. She provided me with many tools that I continue to use and suggested reading material that supports the work we did together. The Session Expression recaps Jane provides are a thoughtfully written love note to summarize the session. They also act as a personal narrative of the 6-month program.

Jane is an extraordinarily generous woman who cares deeply for humanity. To be in her presence is uplifting. I look forward to working with her again, and would recommend her to anyone looking for a life guide.

Monica (40 years wise!) Vice-Principal Elementary School

Jane was able to help me work toward my goals by really listening, setting up simple steps, being kind and non-judgmental.  She encouraged me to not be judgmental about myself and she really got to know me

Jane is someone who is LIVING and examining, studying, and reflecting on life – mind, body and soul. She has cultivated great wisdom and a radiant heart and is an active listener: kind, nonjudgmental and encouraging. She has a clear vision of inner truths and she understands how to slow down which helped me to let go to grow into greater SELF LOVE .

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been a giant shift in my relationship to food – coming from a place of self care and food as nourishment and not just calories. I feel calm and more aware of my mind body and soul!! This has really been a lifestyle shift for me: How many colors are on my plate rather than how many calories. I am in a much happier place in my food life.

I would recommend Jane’s wellness coaching to anyone looking for a deeper connection to themselves.

High School Freshman (14 Years of Youth Female)

My first goal was to build up my immune system in order to prevent sickness. I also wanted to get rid of the pain in my stomach and to work on myself and find positivity in my life.”

The biggest tangible change NO more colds!! I have crowded out foods that cause me stomach pain and prevent good digestion. Being able to eat well without constant discomfort has really changed me.

Another significant change I have noticed, has been with my overall state of mind. My body was feeling so bad that it caused my mind to go away/go to dark places. Now that my immune system is improved and my perspectives on people have changed, I can finally calm down and find positives in negative things

Jane is caring ,free-spirited, extremely logical, and a rad person, who has changed me.  She is stoked on life, and reflects happiness among her family and many others.  I would recommend her to every high school student, but that is too many people.

Carrie (of the 60’s decade) Retired Emergency Room Nurse

Jane was able to help me toward my goals by being an inspirational yoga instructor.  It was easy for me to come to class because I enjoy them! Jane gave me small nudges toward better eating habits which works much better for me then taking drastic measures.

The biggest tangible change since beginning the program has been strengthening and increasing the flexibility of my body. The most significant overall change i have noticed is “being more at peace in my life”

I would describe Jane as a heartfelt, energetic, precise and realistic.

Skip (50’s) IT Specialist 

Jane has been my primary yoga teacher for almost ten years.  She has helped me to increase in both strength and flexibility.  I especially appreciate her decades of experience with Iyengar yoga (including study at the Iyengar Institute).  Her own deep yoga practice, boundless enthusiasm and playful spirit makes the classes fun – even during long holds… especially during long holds!

I’m always trying to take my yoga practice deeper to expand the boundaries of what’s possible for me (both within and without).   Jane classes help me do that on a weekly basis.  I tend to gravitate towards her more challenging classes but others are suitable for beginners.  Jane always works with individuals in her classes at their own pace and abilities which makes her classes very accessible and safe for everyone.